First Visit To St. George Kids Dental?

Welcome! We’re looking forward to meeting and getting to know you and your child at their first “Happy Visit!”. Wait, “dentist appointment” in the same sentence as happy? Yep- depending on the age of your child and the reason for visiting, we do things a little differently.


Nobody wants to force a child into a scary experience, which is why we first assess the child’s level of anxiety and willingness to experience different procedures. If your child is willing and able we start with Xrays, move on to a cleaning and follow up with an exam by one of our doctors, and fluoride treatment.

Custom Care

If your child is very nervous, we’ll start with slow and no pressure introductions to this new environment by showing them the chair, starting some cartoons, laying them back if possible, and maybe doing a toothbrush cleaning. If your child is more comfortable close to you, we’ll encourage you to hold them on your lap, chest to chest, and lay them back into the doctor’s lap for a lap exam.

From there, the Doctor can take a quick peek to see if there is anything obvious to be concerned with and make a plan going forward. To make sure we underline that “Happy” with your first visit, we always end the appointment with an oral hygiene kit, and a trip to the toy tower.